It’s Monday 5th February 2018 and some very cheeky youngsters!

I do hope that everyone is smashingly well and sitting comfortably and ready to hear all about this week’s events. We have just had regular RPS guests Richard and Mary Chaplin here for over 2 weeks, so as you can imagine over that period of time they had some incredible sightings which they have been kind enough to share with us. Here are just a few of their sightings and photos from their first week with us.

I will let the photos do the most part of the talking as they are really super and pretty much tell us everything that we need to know. The two shining stars of the first week were this little leopard cub up in a tree with mum and a kill. The youngster was playing around with the branches and leaves and not all that interested in the kill, meanwhile Richard managed to snap this wonderful photograph of it snarling for no particular reason except wanting to be fierce, big and strong.


The following day as if we were in a trend of rather cheeky youngsters, this elephant calf had all sorts of fun and games. With mum being super relaxed this little youngster just wanted to explore and came right up to the car. So close in fact that with other guests, just after Richard and Mary had driven off, the little one even tried to nibble on the bull bars of the car. Feeling around with its trunk wondering what on earth this new animal was and being totally free to explore whilst mum was busy eating some lovely green leaves. It’s quite unusual to have a mum so relaxed when her little one is behaving like this so it was a real treat to let the scene play out and enjoy every moment of it.


Aside from these cheeky little ones, the rest of the game also performed and they had some fantastic sightings of Ginger and Garlic, as well as more leopards, wild dogs and even a baby leopard tortoise hiding in the undergrowth. But also let us not forget about the birding. I am afraid I cannot remember their total tally for the 17 days they were with us but it was well above one-hundred including this wonderful sighting of a malachite kingfisher, which are so tricky to photograph as they are so flighty!


So there you have it for this week, lots of incredible photographs to tell the story of bumbling around the bush at this time of the year. On top of the sightings, everything is just so vibrant against the lush green backdrop of the Luangwa at this time of the year. Whilst we are on the subject, the river is wonderful and high which has enabled us to have some fantastic boating up at Nsefu. But this week is not about that so I shall wait for Michael to come back down in a-week-or-so and fill me in on all the stories so that I can pass them on to you all.

Now I shall stop nattering away and bid you all a very fond farewell from this little slice of paradise and hope that you all have a fabulous week with lots of smiles and laughter.




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