It’s Monday 19th March 2018 and a memorable safari

I do hope that you are all smashingly well and are coming into the week after a fab weekend. Here in the valley, well golly let me tell you we have had some rain – John (one of our guides) came back literally covered head to toe in mud the other day. Apparently it was the car’s fault that it got stuck not the driver’s!! And I can tell you that some of the roads have to be attacked with blind faith that everything will be fine as quite frankly it is just one very long brown puddle! But it’s what this time of the year is about and let me tell you it certainly has not stopped the wildlife from performing and we have had some incredible sightings.

This week Martin and Frances Yates have been incredibly generous and have shared with us their recent trip where they stayed at Luangwa River Camp, Nsefu and then Nkwali.

So for this week, Martin and Frances, over to you:

“Here are the highlights of our fantastic trip…

– Tracking on foot, a lone female lion. (we had a scout with us on the walking safaris, with his large rifle…just in case…….and I found a large stick…just in case!!)

– Seeing 100’s of Hippos sitting all day in the river, playing their “trombones” then getting out at sunset for munchies. There was a resident hippo in the lagoon at Nkwali next to the “restaurant” called Humphrey, he also had a crocodile companion!

– Watching from the safety of the boat, 100’s of crocodiles just 30 feet away gathering round a huge and stinky dead hippo in the river and 4 Lions cautiously approach it from the river bank into the river. The lions were smacking the crocodiles with their paws to keep them at bay while they tried to tear meat off the hippo.

– Seeing a large pack of wild dogs, a rare sighting apparently.

– A female leopard sitting on the top of a termite mound while a young male leopard tried to grab her attention, she was having none of that.

– Having Sundowners, where ever we were (during a walking safari, cruising up the river in the boat, at the end of a game drive, the guides had packed our favourite drinks plus snacks, ice and lemon slices in a cooler box!….how ‘cool’ is that?

-The views from our rooms, the early breakfasts watching the sun come up we are back home and still talking about our trip and we would just love to be back out in the Luangwa.”

Thanks so much Martin and Frances, you guys really had some incredible sightings while you were here and thanks so much for sharing it all with us; what an incredible trip. So I shall graciously bow out of this week’s It’s Monday and leave you to it and hope that you all have another fabulous week with lots of smiles and laughter and don’t forget to look after each other.



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