It’s Monday 2nd April 2018 and Happy Easter

I do hope that you are all well and have enjoyed a wonderful Easter Weekend. Here in the Luangwa, the Easter Kalulu (local name for a scrub hare!) came to visit and we have had a wonderful weekend. The camps and the houses have all been full and so everyone has most definitely been kept out of trouble.

Aside from Easter though we have had a fabulous lead up to it with regards to sightings, and the guests have been spoilt with an incredible array of wildlife. We even started the week with a magical dinner out on the island in the middle of the river as a special surprise for a couple of guests. However let me first fill you in on some of the wildlife before I start rabbiting on about what else we have been up to — please do excuse the pun of course!












Well let us start with a firm favorite — Wild Dogs. They are looking magnificent all healthy and happy and the sightings have been superb with some incredible inter-pack interactions. Jumping up, yapping, yelping and general joviality then suddenly an heir of concentration takes over and everyone buckles down, the dogs lower their heads and off they go to look for some dinner. One of our best wild dog sightings of the week was when the guests watched a pack of 20 cautiously sneaking through a herd of elephants whilst in the stealthy pursuit of some impalas. You can imagine pandemonium broke out amongst the elephants the wild dogs had their cover blown, the impalas took off and the dogs snuck off into the bushes with their tails between their legs.

Julius has been flat out showing our guests a wonderful time in the bush, but with one group he found a pride of lions tucking into a young buffalo and surprisingly completely undisturbed by the fact that one of their kin was dinner, the herd of 500 were just chilling around the corner. Well let’s just say that maybe the lions’ dinner was an outcast — shame poor little thing. Whilst we are talking about feline sightings we have had some incredible leopard sightings with one particular eye-to-eye viewing of a female leopard up a tree it was certainly one to be remembered.

What else? Well phew, let me tell you, it really has been non-stop and I am just skimming the surface of what we have been seeing. The birds have also been superb with many of our rainy visitors still sticking around, but also our residents have been giving us some wonderful sightings — this includes a saddle-billed stork who has kindly built her nest in plain view and can be seen most days busy maintaining it and doing the housework.

In and around Nkwali there is a sure sign that the rains are coming to an end as our resident band of mongooses were spotted at the beginning of last week around the lagoon. It’s always fab to have these little guys scooting around camp. Humphrey the Nkwali hippo continues to be lonely and grumpy and most days can be found wearing a Nile cabbage hat and just wallowing in the lagoon.

Over the Easter weekend it was situation normal in terms of everyone getting up and getting going in the mornings for their game drives and the same in the afternoons. There may have been one or two additional bush breakfasts, which if truth be told Kiki was extremely excited about as he is the first in line when it comes to a fry up! And the kitchen were also incredibly busy preparing all manner of Easter related treats from some delicious cured salmon to hot cross buns and obviously lots and lots of chocolate treats in between! The waiters were also caught up in the spirit of the occasion and decorated their tables with some Easter rabbits, which enthusiastically leapt into the picture courtesy of my tailor who, if truth be told did look at me like I was totally insane when I asked him to make them.

So there we go, an incredibly busy week had by all. In the meantime though I hope that all of you reading at home have had a wonderful weekend with family and friends and lots of chocolate of course. Have a fab rest of the week with plenty of smiles and laughter and I look forward to catching up with you all next week.



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