It’s Monday 9th April 2018 and Aprils Fools.

I do hope that you are well and have got back into the swing of things after last week’s long weekend. Here in the Valley there was no joking around with the game viewing and the animals have continued to give us some fabulous entertainment.

Whilst we have been a little quieter with guests this week compared to Easter week it doesn’t mean to say that the animals have taken any notice and we really have had some fabulous sightings. Albeit quite a few of the sightings have been of animals just taking it easy and lazing around but let’s face it there is nothing wrong with that. So which animals have been lazing around… well wild dogs have been seen almost daily over the last week and asides from 1 sighting of a terribly unsuccessful hunt, they have just been seen enjoying the shade and slightly dryer weather.

The big pride of lions also appears to have moved into the area across the river from Nkwali. This pride consists of 8 females, 3 cubs and then of course our local celebrities Ginger and Garlic. Once mostly their time has been spend sleeping and pretty much doing nothing, however Julius was on a walk the other day and walked into them all also taking a stroll so that was a fab sighting for everyone.

So as you can see April has got off to a slightly lazy start so lets talk about some of the animals that have been doing something. Well if all else fails quite frankly you can always rely on the elephants. They gently get along with their business and are always an absolute joy to watch especially the little ones as they try to figure out how to use their trunks. The Yellow Billed Storks have also been making the most of the dry spell and the receding water levels as the inland lagoons that were flooded are now drying out and create the perfect fishing spot for them as they get ready for their breeding season.

Leopards have also been spotted almost daily, while most animals were just being lazy the leopards were the ones that were always seen strolling through the bush. Unfortunately, the one thing a guest wanted to see was one up in a tree being lazy.

But lets move on to a sighting that slightly slipped under the radar and only came up as I sat down with Kiki this morning to find out what the guides have been seeing. When I asked him have we seen any honey badgers recently he said well not this week but a couple of weeks ago he did have an amazing sighting. ‘We were just driving up to the little bridge to reach the harbor in the park when out of the stream came a honey badger with a small crocodile tightly clamped in its jaws! The crocodile was small but I mean it was about 50cm long so definitely big enough to hurt someone or something.’ How incredible is that?! I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard this, what a brilliant sighting. Don’t worry Kiki was told off for having not mentioned it sooner. Maybe he was just waiting for a week of lazy animals before he slipped that sighting in to steal the show!!!!

Other than that, well in great hopes I announced that the rains were over and we could take all the canvas covers off the Nkwali bathrooms and also start thinking about when we will be able to get up to Nsefu and Tena to start camp building for the season. Obviously, this jinxed absolutely everything and since my grand announcement we have had rain most days! But it is starting to get slightly cooler so who knows maybe this is the last burst before the long dry stretch — I will keep you posted as it will soon be time for me to dust off my camera and start scooting up and down to the camps. However, before I really do waffle on too much I will leave you all to the rest of your Monday and hope that you have a fabulous rest of the day and even better rest of the week with lots of smiles and laughter.



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