It’s Monday 14th May 2018 and a new season in sight

I hope that you are all superbly well and have had a wonderful weekend. Here in the Luangwa well it has been time once again for our annual memorial rugby match for Johnny Ambrose. Once again we had an amazing show of support and alongside remembering this wonderful person we also raised a decent amount of cash for Conservation South Luangwa so it was an all round success. We have also been in full swing with getting Nsefu and Tena open but lets also remember that Milo and Sarah are also in full swing in terms of getting ready for their season down at Johns Camp. So for this week lets hear from them – Sarah over to you:

“Preparations are now fully underway for the new season in Zimbabwe! The team behind John’s Camp in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe, have been working tirelessly in Harare sourcing supplies, welding tent poles, and packing up trucks will all the odds and ends that make up a tented camp. At the beginning of the rainy season, which runs from December to May, we pack up and pull down the entire camp site. We have this “off season” because the dense green bush that grows in the wet season makes travel and game viewing difficult. Additionally, because of the camp’s remote location, the roads are mostly inaccessible during this period. Which means that we get to start fresh every April and set up from scratch!

The rains in Zimbabwe come between December and May, but the green season lasts until the end of June. The weather at this time of year is absolutely beautiful – still sunny and warm with a slight coolness in the evenings. The down-side is that it is not yet prime game-viewing time because of the dense vegetation, and the inland water means there are not as many animals along the river-bank. It does bring, however, a little adrenaline to any excursion, as there could be an elephant hiding behind any bush! The birdlife on the floodplain is abundant all year round – it is a perfect ecosystem for waterfowl, birds of prey, and everything in between.

Last week we set out with our first supply truck. We had a brilliant rains this year, so the bush at the campsite is was very overgrown. We’ll be working hard for the next couple of weeks before we welcome our first guests.

Last October we had some unexpected heavy rain which caused devastation in camp. Trees and branches were strewn everywhere, damaging the steel-work of some of the tents. Our resident handyman and baker, Diva, has been busy making new tent poles and shower rigs in the workshop. Diva is truly multi-talented and makes amazing bread – always a favourite with our guests.

One of the exciting developments for John’s Camp this a renovation of our star-deck. The deck was erected at the end of last season, next to a beautiful Acacia albida tree. This raised platform overlooks the floodplain, with the river and the beautiful Zambian Escarpment in the distance. It is a safe haven for guests to relax and view game during the day, and watch the skies at night. We have painted the deck, and are giving are giving it a full revamp – bringing you the fullness of the Zimbabwean safari experience.

We are looking forward to an exciting season, and can’t wait to share the breath-taking Zimbabwean landscape with you!”

Thanks so much Sarah and good luck with getting everything ready and cant wait to head over to visit some time soon.

From my side well folks you are just going to have to wait another week so I shall bid you all a very fond farewell, have a fab week with plenty of smiles and laughter.



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