It’s Monday 23rd April 2018 and cooking up a storm.

I do hope that you are splendidly well after a wonderful and refreshing weekend. Here in the Luangwa it is certainly all systems go as we start to gear up for the beginning of the main season. We have sent a team up to take a look at the state of the road to Nsefu to gauge when we will finally be able to get up there, we are in that limbo period of not being able to get there by either road or boat. Golly it’s nail biting times….

Anyway before we crack on with some animal sightings let’s step into the Nkwali kitchen for a quick moment. As part of the ‘getting-ready’ for the season we have been busy for the last 5 weeks with some chef training and the guys have been pushing out some delicious food. Needless to say a few KGs have been gained and not just by myself, the chefs have been trying the new dishes and some of the creations were yummy but didn’t quite make it out to the guests for one reason or another so found their way being tasted and approved by the entire Nkwali team. Whilst our chefs really are fab, it’s great to be able to go through some new dishes and ideas with them and spruce up some of our old favourites. From a purely selfish perspective for me it was great to be working in the kitchen with the guys and take a break from the desk.

However let’s also get you guys outside and tell you what has been happening in the bush. The animals continue to perform and the guests are coming back daily with great stories from their game drives. I could go into all the little details however I am going to just stick with a couple of the key sightings of the week. The lions have been on brilliant form and the guests have seeing the big pride hunting, killing, eating, digesting and sleeping. Fred also had a wonderful sighting of a lioness on a walk – It really has been a lion bonanza, which is super.

Robin’s House has been really busy with guests and Obi has been having some fantastic sightings. He had a family recently and for some of them it was their first time to Africa, but the entire group had never seen wild dogs. They were fortunate enough to find the pack of 22, and as if seeing them wasn’t enough, they then saw the pack buckle down and go into hunt mode. They watched the entire hunt, missed the kill due to an inappropriately placed bush, then they saw the pack squabble and share the impala that they had just taken down. I mean surely it doesn’t get better than that — oh hang on, maybe heading on to a surprise champagne sundowners that the team had set up for them on the banks of the Luangwa can compete. What a way to end a safari. Aside from being out in the bush, the guests have been enjoying long lazy days by the pool and making the most of the lovely warm weather that we have been having.

Right, before I start going into raptures about the weather let me get myself back on track and finish off with one last sighting that the guests at Nkwali had of 13 full-to-bursting lions including cubs and Garlic and Ginger, having just polished of a zebra. They were so full that their bellies were like balloons and Garlic waddled off to find a patch of shade panting away, doing his very best to start digesting. They are certainly doing very well indeed and the scene that afternoon epitomized the concept of full, fat and sleepy.

So there you have it another full and fun filled week here in the Luangwa. I hope that you all have a fab week ahead with lots of smiles and laughter.




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