It’s Monday 4th June 2018 and it’s all systems go!

I do hope that you are well, sitting comfortably and have of course had a fabulous weekend. Here in the Luangwa, well let me tell you there is no such thing as starting the season gently, we went full throttle RPS style and have been jam packed since we officially started our peak season.

It seems like we have been inundated with leopard sightings and whilst I hate to get peoples’ hopes up when reading this and then thinking “gosh well we will definitely see leopard when we are in the South Luangwa!” as there are periods of time when we don’t even catch a glimpse of these magnificent spotted cats. However this week that has simply not been the case. Luangwa House guests were coming back from their game drive, they had boated across the river, jumped into a car at the Robin’s House harbor and no more than a few meters down the road had a lovely sighting of one just wandering down the road, then as if that was not enough, later that evening there was another leopard walking past the house by the deck. Let’s face it that is not a bad end to a game drive.

Nsefu have been also been seeing the most lovely female leopard with her 2 cubs – the cubs are still totally brand new and are hidden in a thick tree but the guests managed to get a little glimpse of one of them and then Will and Lianne who are at Nsefu filming, managed to sneak a glimpse of them both. The female was then later seen by the Luangwa Bush Camping guests chasing a baboon away and actually killing it — there is no way that you cross a female leopard with her cubs. Whilst talking about Luangwa Bush Camping, a pride of 5 lions were camped not far from camp the other night so the guests were either lulled to sleep or kept awake with their gentle roars. We also have 4 young male lions that have moved into the Nsefu sector and could potentially be a force to be reckoned with so we are certainly keeping an eye on the dynamics there.

Marcos our host at Nsefu was busy doing his room checks so was totally preoccupied with everything he went to leave the room and was greeted by a huge male elephant just enjoying the shade of the tree. After quite some time the elephant moved off and Marcos managed to escape but at least that’s a pretty good excuse for relaxing in a guest room! Oh also such a lovely thing this year is that the Carmine Bee-Eaters appear to be starting to nest right in the bank in front of camp which is such a treat.

Wild dogs have also been seen quite a few times by both the Nsefu and the Tena Tena guests as we appear to have a pack that are bouncing between both areas. This smoothly takes us over to Tena who have also been having some lovely sightings of their female leopard and her cub who seems to be most intrigued by the vehicles. The large herds of buffalo are also starting to move into the area, which is fab and a few slightly grumpy and ostracized old boys have been regularly seen around camp. Oh and the other thing which is always a treat on a night drive is lots of porcupine sightings. Who doesn’t love seeing these wonderful animals — slightly bizarre looking but magnificent at the same time.

Gosh so there you go, as you can see it’s not like it is a quiet start to the season in terms of sightings, in fact it’s been quite the opposite and everyone is staggered by what we have been seeing so far so fingers crossed that long may it continue. I think that that pretty much wraps things up for this week, I hope that you have been fully saturated with leopard stories for the week and hopefully lots more sightings to follow in the weeks to come. On that note I shall bid you all a very fond farewell and wish you all a superb week with plenty of smiles and laughter and don’t forget to look after each other.



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