It’s Monday 18th June 2018 and a morning safari at Tena Tena

I do hope that you are fabulously well, have had a lovely weekend and are sitting comfortably ready for this week’s installment. Well I have it easy this week as Nancy McDaniel has been kind enough to share her recent holiday with you all so has taken the load from me, telling you all about the incredible sightings she had whilst up at Tena. Nancy — Over to you:

“My third day at Tena Tena Camp dawned beautifully, as usual, crisp, clear and vibrant. Sounds of the bush welcomed me and then to breakfast with the awesome “bush toast” carefully prepared by Nick. Raring to go and get out to see what we could we packed up, and once everyone was ready off we went. The previous two days had been rather quiet on the predator front with lots of beautiful birds, antelope and elephant but we were admittedly all eager for predators, especially after a sundowner-time viewing of a beautiful leopard two nights night before!

Less than 5 minutes away from camp, our guide got a radio call of an exciting sighting right near camp. So back we went to see. The other vehicle said they had just seen a pack of Painted Dogs but they had moved on, slightly disappointed we turned round to continue our drive when once again another call — They’re back. So back we went, first spotting a group of nervous elephants and a lone hyena. AND THEN WE SAW THEM: A stunning pack of 15 dogs! What a treat to see so many, healthy looking dogs out in the open in the daylight.

We stayed with them a while and regretfully left to see what other sightings we could find. Less than half an hour later in the distance, we spotted two leopard heads in the grass. We stopped and then it happened. A hyena dashed out, tearing after the leopard cub. Mom immediately gave chase to the hyena, while the cub nimbly leapt into the safety of a tree. It all happened so fast and was so exciting we almost couldn’t believe what we were seeing!

We sat watching the event unfold for quite a while and then once we were convinced that the leopard was out of harm’s way we made our way to find a nice spot for some tea. After tea it was just moments before we then came across FOUR LIONS! They were relaxed and just chilling.

What an extraordinary morning’s drive with ALL this excitement happening between 06:58 and 09:41. What an amazing carnivore-filled morning at Tena Tena!”

Wow thanks so much Nancy, what an incredible drive and thanks so much for sharing with us. Right well there is very little that I can say that is going to even come close to that drive so I shall graciously bow out and bid you all a very fond farewell. I hope that you all have a wonderful week ahead with lots of smiles and laugher and don’t forget to look after each other.



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