It’s Monday 25th June 2018 and news from Pumulani!

I do hope that you are well and have had a fabulous weekend. This week we are heading over the border with a hop skip and a jump and will be hearing from Kaneli at Pumulani.
Kaneli over to you:

“This month we have been really busy with quite a lot of community work. Nine football teams within the surrounding communities of Nankhwali, Kasankha, Cape Maclear, Msaka and Monkey Bay were made very happy after receiving new football jerseys donated by Molecaten Africa / Robin Pope Safaris; delivered by the Pumulani staff. The team also distributed sun lotions and sunglasses for the albino communities in Cape Maclear, Kasankha and Nkope plus toys and books for Nankhwali and Cape Maclear clinics.

On the guest front, we had the opportunity to get some really nice footage of Pumulani from above when a guest visiting showed up with a drone. It was a new experience and lots of fun for the staff on duty to see this little vehicle flying above the lodge controlled from the ground. Seeing the pictures themselves made everyone appreciate even more the beauty of their own lake and the National Park they work in. The park’s clear waters are populated by hundreds of species of colourful cichlid fish, most of which are native to the lake.

Another family who recently visited Pumulani were stunned by the beauty of the National Park and its inhabitants. They had a fantastic snorkelling trip to the beautiful island spot we take our guests to see the colourful cichlids. They also thoroughly enjoyed their village walk to nearby Kasankha Bay where they could observe the locals going about their daily chores. The Gule Wamkulu ritual dance was also performed for them to add to their unique experience.

Lake Malawi National Park, where Pumulani is located, is also home to at least 200 different species of birds. The most well-known is perhaps the African Fish Eagle — the guests not only saw this majestic eagle performing its act — diving from its high vantage point down to the lake and catching the fish on the surface, but they also caught amazing shots of it.

There have been quite a few guests coming to celebrate either their honeymoon or anniversary with us, finding here the perfect peace, quiet and beauty of the nature for their special occasion. So we have been getting going with all our romantic gestures including this lovely private dinner that we set up by the pool.

Due to clear and cool winter weather guests have also been able to enjoy beautiful African sunsets while on our sunset dhow cruises with some delicious snacks and their favourite sundowner drinks packed on board. Lucky ones have also spotted the hippos that live just across the bay from the lodge. ”

Great thanks so much Kaneli it’s always great to hear what is going on at the lake and it certainly sounds like lots has been happening there.

As for us here in the Valley; well I am going to keep it rather brief but I will tell you one thing and that is our Mobile Walking Safari is now officially open for the season. The team headed up there this morning the big Samil 50 truck loaded to the gunnels and the guys piled onto a landcruiser to make their way up the 05 route to our magic spot on the Mupamadzi river which they will be calling home for the next few months. More to come in the coming weeks on that I am sure but for now I am going to scoot off and bid you all a very fond farewell and hope that you all have a fabulous week with lots of smiles and laughter.



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