It’s Monday 2nd July 2018 and a round up from Stanley

I do hope that you are well, sitting comfortably and have had a wonderful weekend. Everyone here in the valley is being kept very busy with lots of guests coming through, meaning lots of game drives out in the park and plenty of wonderful sightings. This week however we are going to hear from the team at Stanley Safari Lodge up in Livingstone where it’s also been full steam ahead:

“Well there is little doubt that whatever rain falls upstream has got to travel down. The Mighty Zambezi is in full spate and is an amazing sight. This year overall the river has been higher than it has been for many years. The spirit of NyamiNyami at the Kariba gorge must be smiling after such a long drought. In April May when the river is at its highest there is an amazing permanent cloud above the Victoria Falls. Rain drops the size of golf balls fall and there is really no doubt if you get anywhere near you will be drenched to the bone in no time. It is a time of clear blue winter skies. The vapour cloud sticks out high above the falls and can be seen for many miles around.

In June with the receding waters, a number of activities reopen as the River is deemed by the local people, to be “not so angry”. White water rafting commences in the last week of June and Livingstone Island opens for business at the same time. The sign that the high season is upon us. Whilst there is the usual hustle and bustle of high season, business this year seems to have attacked more than the usual share of visitors. Our neighbouring Zimbabwe seems to be on the up in terms of their visitors which is good to see. Most of this frenetic energy happens in and around the River front. For us the quieter hill top view of the mighty Zambezi is far more appealing. For those with hearing listening to the low rumble of the Victoria Falls in the back ground is a true African lullaby.

On the home front and whilst we had few people through, we “made hay”. Christelle and Josh moved on to run a resort in far-away Vietnam and new managers arrived in the form of Jonathan and Sylvia Aldous. The Aldous’ hale from Underberg in South Africa. They bring with them a life time’s worth of hotel and catering experience. They have been undertaking the arduous task of experiencing most of the activities we have to offer so they know what they are talking about when guests ask. Oh well someone has to do it!!! In addition the swimming pool has undergone some minor repairs and is no longer losing water to the very thirsty Kalahari sands. Sylvia has busied herself with some remodelling of the in house décor.

As is tradition the Tonga people recently celebrated their Lwiindi-Gonde (rain and harvest) ceremony in their customary way. This involves a lot of beer drinking with the usual dancing and general merry making that goes with it – as I am sure you can imagine. This too is a time for the customary leaders to gather in all their traditional regalia and splendour. Encouraging, words and copious quantities of beer are offered up to help convince the spirits that good rains and harvests would be good for everyone.”

So there you have it for this week. As you can see lots going on everywhere and plenty more to report but let’s keep some stories back as we need to keep you guessing!! I hope that you all have the most fabulous week with lots of smiles and laughter and don’t forget to look after each other.



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