It’s Monday 1st October and some familiar faces!

I do hope that you are all well and have had a wonderful weekend. Everything here has been going great guns, and scarily we are on the final countdown for the Mobile Walking Safaris this year; but you will hear from them soon don’t worry. The stories from the camps keep on piling in and I for one feel a certain pang of jealousy as I sit behind the desk writing my Its Monday, telling you of the fab sightings that we have been having. Suddenly, as if to make me feel better, an elephant with her calf literally pitch up at my office window and all is forgiven. But enough of that, let’s get on with those stories…

For those of us out here, obviously everyone who comes to visit is special but when we have familiar faces coming back year after year it is always lovely to see them; and we recently had Bill and Chris North come out. This time they were joined by their daughter Kate as her son happens to be our host at Luangwa River Camp – yes rather confusing I know. The only negative to come out of the visit was when Joe said to me, before they arrived, “gosh you have almost known them as long as I have”. There was a sideways glance of disapproval from me, however ultimately, I couldn’t deny it.

Anyway enough about discussing age and times gone by, let’s talk about their trip with us. We organized for Joe to take time off with them whilst they were all staying at Luangwa Safari House, and then whilst they were at Luangwa Safari House he was busy working under the watchful eye of Daudi. It was as always just lovely seeing them as they do rather feel like family really and we had a chance to introduce them to Jack, who gleefully wandered around Luangwa House then very excitedly spotted a giraffe outside the Copper Room. He came running in with his incomprehensible babble pointing frantically and we simply ignored him the first half dozen times, then eventually stood up and had a wonderful sighting of a giraffe not more than 10 meters away.

Aside from the herd upon herd of elephant that visited the house during siesta time and in fact all times of the day, they really had some magnificent sightings. Giraffes seemed to pop up all over the place and they reckon that they must have seen every single lion that was possible to see. The highlight on the lion front however had to be watching 5 lion cubs playing – how can anyone not enjoy that. The lions seemed to just be out to show off with cubs and sub-adults, as well as Garlic and Ginger and other prides of lion on the Luangwa River Camp side of the park. Now don’t start thinking that it is a guaranteed sighting, as we really do have periods where we just can’t even catch a glimpse of a lion however they were seriously out to impress the North clan.

Let us also not forget about the other special moments of time just spent relaxing in the house, sundowners on the banks of the Luangwa and surprise bush breakfasts which is an undeniable treat for all. Obviously, everyone was sad to part ways but hopefully there will be many more trips still to come. And, please let me take this opportunity to thank Kate for sharing her lovely photos with us all.

On that note I wonder if I should continue with my ramblings or leave you to your week ahead… I think I will choose the latter. So, I shall bid you all a very fond farewell from all of us here in the Luangwa. Hope that you have a fabulous week ahead, with lots of smiles and laughter and don’t forget to look after each other.


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