It’s Monday 19th November and a safari through all the camps.

I do hope that you are fabulously well and sitting down when I tell you this… yet another season has zoomed past!!Tena Tena is now closed and we only have a couple of weeks before the same happens to Nsefu and Luangwa River Camp. I have to say I really honestly have no idea where time has gone since May! Instead of banging on about the fact that time is whistling past, far too quickly at that, we have had some lovely images from David Elbourn. David recently stayed at Nkwali, Tena and Nsefu; and as you will see had some wonderful sightings both in and out of camp.

This year, more than any other year, we have been surrounded by elephants at Nkwali and the fences have borne the brunt of them trying to get from A-B. The team having re-done the fences several times, decided to decorate one of the fences with the addition of an arch. As I am sure you can imagine, it is more work than initially thought as it needs to be popped back on almost every day as the elephants don’t quite fit underneath it and so just knock it off!

Humphrey the hippo has been regularly joined by the same elephants, and to be honest with you, makes very little attempt to socialise.

Aside from exceptional sightings of all predators and plenty of birds, the Nkwali team rustled up a magnificent bush breakfast; and I have to say just looking at what Winnie was cooking up makes me feel hungry!

Through all the camps David was treated to plenty of lion and leopard sightings as well as wild dogs and even the elusive Eland whilst up at Tena Tena.

The birdlife this time of the year is always good, having a lot of our migratory birds around and because there is so little coverage in the trees and bushes. So, we get to have great sightings of everything not only up in the trees but also the larger birds down on the ground wrestling with how best to consume the fish that they have caught!

David, thanks so much for sharing your fab photos with us I am somewhat envious of all that you saw while you were here. I realise that this sounds ridiculous as I live here but we don’t actually go out on safari when we go to the camps – it’s always a quick trip there and back and if we see something it’s a major bonus. So I live vicariously through the sightings of others.

Moving on now to one of my favourite topics – the weather… this time of the year we have the build up to the rains and without exception we get a few tell-tale signs. First one – baby warthogs and this year we seem to be seeing plenty. We have a pair of little ones seen almost daily running around Nkwali with mum and I presume aunty.

Second sign – baby impala, the guides have spotted the odd one or two which means that soon the plains are going to be littered with these wonderfully leggy and wobbly little creatures. Third – the frogs start to sing, which is a sure sign that hopefully soon the earth is going to be blessed with some much-needed moisture. Then lastly let’s not forget our old favourite, the red-chested cuckoo who sings a rather distinctive tune which I can assure you by February has become a little irritating. However when I heard the first one just a few days ago I did smile at what it means. Right, I think that I have probably over-shot with my stories this week so will hopefully leave you not too fed up with my babbling.

I hope that you all have a spectacular week ahead with plenty of smiles and laughter and don’t forget to look after each other.

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