It’s Monday 17th December and the green light

I do hope that you are well. Gosh – I don’t know how many years I have been writing It’s Monday but i assure you that it’s been quite a few and believe it or not today I totally forgot as we are all systems go and I am personally in major panic mode with Christmas preparations. But despite all of that I do hope that you have had a wonderful weekend.

So what news from the Luangwa? Nkwali has been empty for the last week which has been perfect as we are full on with Christmas preparations and this has meant that after a long and busy dry season we have managed to empty all the rooms, give everything a re-paint and a major spring clean so we are completely ready for our influx of guests over the next few days. While I have been busy with the guest rooms, Kiki has been busy getting the new river crossings sorted as the river is slowly creeping up and we have had to move harbour location. The only hiccup was that a month ago the lions killed a hippo in our green season harbour so we have had to slightly move it as we really didn’t feel that a hippo skeleton was an easy obstacle for our guests whilst carrying cameras, binoculars and all sorts of other paraphernalia! That situation has now been resolved and it is now all systems go on getting the guest rooms up and running.

The rains have also arrived, as we had a couple of huge rainstorms and the bush has literally burst into life with everything transforming itself into the most vibrant green you can imagine. After months of dry dusty beige, we are dazzled by the colour and with the rain all of the small dust particles get washed out of the sky and the light becomes simply incredible. The golden sun bathes the bush in this magical light – I realize it sounds like I am going slightly crazy, but I promise you it is incredibly beautiful. It’s the perfect Christmas green so mother-nature has done a large part of our Christmas decorating for us. Anyways before I get carried away with my ramblings let’s move on to guests shall we!

Robin’s House has been busy with guests and they have had some wonderful sightings however most of the predators seem to be sleeping. On the list of wildlife spotted sleeping was:

• A pack of 20 wild dogs with incredibly full tummies so obviously digesting a massive breakfast.
• A male and female lion just taking it easy in the shade.
• A leopard pretty much doing the same as the lion.

We have also had a few sightings of a lovely female leopard just behind Nkwali who has been busy stalking pukus’ so the poor creatures are living on high alert at the moment.

Let us also not forget about the smaller things that pop up this time of the year. In order to help us with our Christmas decorations we have the bright red velvet mites roaming the planes (ok allow me a little poetic licence – basically these small mites are dotted all around, if you take the time to stop and look on the ground!). Then we also have the fireball lilies which suddenly burst into flower from one day to the next.

The foam nest frogs are busy making their foam nests hoping and praying that the puddle they make their nest over doesn’t suddenly dry up! Everywhere you look there are dung beetles in all different shapes and sizes busy making the most of things and frantically rolling their dung balls. It’s a magical time of the year where everything just seems to relax a little after the long harsh dry season and all sorts of wonderful plants and creatures pop out of the woodwork and make their annual appearance.

So there we have it for this week I shall bid you all a very fond farewell and wish you all a wonderful week ahead with lots of Christmas cheer and spirit! We will chat to you again next week on Christmas Eve, with more updates from the camps.





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