It’s Monday 14th January and New Years greetings from Pumulani!

I do hope that you are all well and have had a fabulous weekend and sitting comfortably for this week’s news from us. Roz and the Pumulani team share a roundup of their year as they get ready for their annual shutdown.

‘Greetings all from the shores of Lake Malawi! The management, guests and staff have said farewell to 2018 in true Pumulani style and welcomed in 2019. The last month of 2018 has brought the down pours of rain turning our beautiful land around the lake into a carpet of luminous green. The staff who farm have turned their land and planted, with promise of bumper crops this year. Travelling to the lake you will see rows and rows of maize and cassava (nutty flavoured root vegetable) growing and being carefully tendered to. Cheers to a wonderful year of growth!

Christmas at Pumulani was traditionally festive, the celebrations were held on Christmas Eve (fortunately as we had a very wet Christmas day!), with guests enjoying the delights of the Chef’s food. The local choir joined us in entertaining the guests with Christmas Carols in Chichewa. After an absolutely delicious meal, we ended the evening chatting around the fire under a star sparkled sky; with our awesome guests indulging in stories about life on the lake and further afield.

Father Christmas (aka Godfrey) handed out gifts from under our locally made, roof high Baobab Christmas Tree. Our youngest guest Isabella, sparkled in her Christmas dress and was in awe that “Father Christmas” had come all the way to Pumulani!

We welcomed in 2019 around the fire with Garth sabering a bottle of bubbly at midnight for our guests, with cheers and well wishes all around; celebrating the Emerald Season in Malawi and a prosperous New Year for all!

It has been a busy six months since our last newsletter and our guests have been enjoying the numerous activities that Pumulani has to offer. Fish Eagle feeding has become very popular, especially among the enthusiastic photographers, with amazing footage of the majestic fish eagle.

Our dam on the property which is the home to cichlids, kampango (cat fish), chambo and ncheni is full with the help of the good rains and the guests are enjoying “catch and release” sitting on the bank under the trees or fishing off the walkway. Garth and the beach staff are always available to assist first timers to land at least one of these species. The competition is stiff and much fun was had by all.

Another activity is our sunset cruise on our locally made dhow (wooden sail boat), this is the perfect way to end a day sailing into the sunset with a drink in hand. Each sunset is different and never disappoints.

It has been a great year hosting guests and we look forward to inviting our new guests to stay when we reopen in March, to Pumulani – The brightest star on the lake!
Garth, Roz and the Pumulani Team.’

Thanks so much Roz for all the news; sounds like it has been a fab year for you guys.

Here in the Luangwa, well the rustles of preparation can be heard as we start to get ready to open Luangwa River Camp and Nsefu for the River Journeys. Rob looked at me with absolute horror when I unveiled the pile of food and housekeeping supplies which needed to get onto the boat to wend their merry way up to the camps. He got a similar look from me when I realized the amount of supplies which the workshop also had to send up! So I think that we can safely assume that the river is going to be rather busy with our boats beetling up and down over the next few weeks as we get all the required staff and supplies into camp.

It is always super exciting to venture into the Nsefu Sector at this time of the year when it has been transformed into a garden of Eden; and where the roads have almost all been washed away and there is not another soul up there. Hopefully this year I will venture out on the boat along with my camera and shall get snapping. For now though, I feel certain that it is time to bid you all a very fond farewell and hope that you have a wonderful week with plenty of smiles and laughter and don’t forget to look after one another.





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