Its Monday and what was missing last week has appeared this week

I do hope that you are well and have had a fabulous weekend with lots of smiles and laughter; and are now sitting comfortably ready to read this week’s news from the Luangwa. So what have we been up to? All sorts of shenanigans to be honest with you, but let’s start with letting you all know that Nsefu has now closed after an incredible Green Season – reopening at the end of May. Catherine and the team all came out on Sunday having shut the Nsefu doors for a short stint, before we can get up there by road in 6-8 weeks. We will keep you posted.










On the game viewing front, it would appear the giraffes and the lions have been reading our It’s Monday… After my comment last week about them being somewhat elusive, well this week they have been in the spotlight at both Nkwali and Luangwa River Camp. Chris was first to have a lovely sighting of giraffes who were just happily lazing on the main road, watching what else was going on and not particularly fussed by the approaching vehicle with guests; who although thoroughly enjoyed the sighting needed to get past. Eventually the giraffes got the message and moved on, as Chris advised his guests that there was no pushing them off the road – the animals have the right of way.











At Nkwali we had a day of giraffes just popping up everywhere, it was brilliant! One of those wonderful situations whereby the drive stopped to look at a couple of giraffes and then all of a sudden another, then another and before long there was a complete panorama of giraffe heads peeking over bushes. We have also had some lovely sighting of giraffes on the property behind camp as a stream of male giraffes had discovered a female in oestrous and so were pursuing her at a rather leisurely pace, but it gave the guests some great opportunities to witness the behavioural aspect of the process. The Luangwa House guests have been enjoying watching the giraffes from the comfort and cool of the pool in front of the house.










The lions have also been showing off this week too but have mostly been showing off their new arrivals. Yes, there are lion cubs! We are always enormous fans of the new, small and fluffy arrivals… who wouldn’t be? We have had sightings from both Nkwali and Luangwa River Camp of different cubs, so our guests have been spoilt rotten. Chris was out with his guests from Luangwa River Camp and on the first night they spotted 5 adult lions and 2 sub adults who were eyeing some impalas, but the lions were sadly unsuccessful (lucky impalas!). The following morning they found two females with four tiny little cubs. The cubs were scampering around giving mum and aunt quite a difficult time wanting to play then wanting some milk, it was absolute chaos and the ladies certainly had their work cut out for them.































Simon Cousins is back leading a group of colleagues. When I popped over for tea on Saturday to ask how things were going; I was gleefully informed by one of the members of the group that they had seen a zebra, just one lone zebra all morning. At which point more berating occurred and the truth finally came out that they had also seen lions with cubs. However, I am sure that Simon will fill us in with a more detailed report of his latest trip once he has returned home and I am certain he will have slightly more to report on than one zebra.












Not to forget the other predators, we have had an incredible weekend of sightings with Kanga seeing 3 separate leopards on a morning drive as well as a pack of wild dogs finishing up the last of their breakfast in the form of an impala.















We also have had countless elephants with tiny calves enjoying the shade under mums’ belly, before once again tackling the tall grass and enormous holes in the uneven ground from the rain and adult elephants churning up the mud.

Well I think that we can safely say that it has been a very busy week in the wild and the animals have been on excellent behaviour which is always rather helpful!
Before I sign off for the week, I am thrilled to announce that we have reached our 100th episode of our weekly Safari Diaries! This week is a particularly charming episode featuring Ground Hornbills. Click here to watch: 
So before too much more chat from me, I shall bid you all a very fond farewell and hope that you have a fabulous week with lots of smiles and laughter. Don’t forget to look after one another.

























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