It’s Monday and a family affair at John’s Camp!

I hope that you are all splendidly well and have had a lovely weekend. This week we are heading across to Zimbabwe to hear from Sarah and Milo and the rest of the John’s Camp team.

With the start of the new season literally around the corner, the team behind John’s Camp are at it again! The rainy season in Zimbabwe is typically from December to March/April, during which the camp is closed due to the wet conditions making camp inaccessible. The bush also becomes very dense so getting around the Mana Pools National Park and spotting game is no easy feat! That being said, the end of the green season is a beautiful time of year – still sunny and warm with a slight coolness in the evenings.

At the end of every season, the entire camp is taken down, packed away and the site returns to its natural state. This means that the months leading up to the new season are filled with sourcing of supplies, maintenance; and of course, getting into Mana to start the process of setting up an entire self-sufficient camp from scratch. As with ever year, the latter was a family affair including John, Milo, Dan and Max – the youngest member of the family being 3 years old.

After putting up a basic camp consisting of dome dents and kitchen area under a shady spot, the team quickly got to work planning, clearing and setting up the water supply.

The bush was not as dense as typically experienced during green season, as the rains have been unusually low this year. This will make for good game viewing this season. The team had some curious visitors during their trip, including an old Dagga Boy (lone bachelor buffalo) and a male lion!

It wasn’t all work and no play, as there is always time for a little fishing! Family time was spent along the river enjoying the tranquility of the surrounding African bush, returning to camp for dinner and a bucket bath. We think Max had the best deal!

Thanks to Sarah & Milo for sharing this news. We are so excited about the new season ahead at Johns Camp and look forward to hearing much more news from the team over the next few months. Over here in the Luangwa, I am not going to delve into too much of what has been happening but shall just finish off with a Gin Sundowners that Matt organized for his Luangwa House guests. Just before the drinks were poured, a pack of wild dogs decided to visit. I mean does it get much better than a gin and tonic, Luangwa sunset and a pack of wild dogs…?

On that note, I am going to bid you all a very fond farewell and hope that you all have a fabulous week ahead with lots of smiles and laughter; and don’t forget to look after each other.




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