Its Monday and time for some incredible photos

I do hope that you are all well; and have had a wonderful Easter Weekend, with plenty of family time and lots of chocolate. Here in the Luangwa, the Easter bunny came out in full force and hopped across most of our tables, dropping Easter eggs wherever he went. It was a race to gobble them up before the heat melted them, but don’t worry, we managed just fine!

Moving away from the Easter bunny, this week we are hearing from Daniela and Matthias Anger; regular guests of ours, who have recently been to visit and spent just over a week with us at Nkwali. During their stay they had some incredible sightings and have been very kind to share these beautiful photos with us so for this week I am going to let the photos do most of the talking, as really, they do not need words to detract from them.

Wow thank you so very much Daniela, what a beautiful selection of images!

On another note we have a new arrival…

Bertie was driving in to Nkwali last week and in the distance caught a glimpse of a brand-new leopard cub that was making a run for it from mum; but was soon scooped up and swiftly returned to the safety of the bush. Let’s hope that we get to see more of this little family unit as the youngster grows.

So, for this week I think that is all that I need to report on. Between now and next Monday I hope that you all have a fabulous week with plenty of smiles and laughter and don’t forget to look after one another.



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