Its Monday and a cracking week in the Luangwa!

I do hope that you are all splendidly well and have had a lovely weekend; now sitting comfortably ready and raring for the week ahead. In the Luangwa we are hurtling towards the beginning of the peak season and getting Nsefu and Tena open. Very excitingly, Rob and I are heading up there for our first trip of the season and to see the camps and get back into the Nsefu sector. I am sure that I will update you with all the news from our trip next week, but for now let’s just take a quick moment for the most magnificent week of sightings at Nkwali.

We had some guests here Toby and Olivia who were on their first ever safari; and on their first drive with Chilumba they witnessed an entire leopard hunt and kill from start to finish.






























Then as if that was not enough, on their second night drive they witnessed another entire leopard kill from start to finish. At this point I was wandering if the incredible sightings were ever going to stop.













To top it all off, on their third night drive they found the leopard with her kill and adult cub having a little bit of an interaction with a hyena who was trying to muscle in on their dinner. Not only was there this interaction but also some wonderful mum and cub interaction which is always just so wonderful to see especially with creatures that are usually solitary.











































In between all the leopard kills and sightings, there was also plenty of other wonderful plains game sightings. I think really the Luangwa massively showed off on this occasion for our newbies on safari… Also thank you so much Toby and Olivia for sharing your photos with us – now we really do believe the sightings.

















Other than some extraordinary leopard sightings Nkwali has been inundated with elephants and mongooses; quite the extremes on size. The elephants are not making it particularly easy to get around, but who cares, they are wonderful to watch and so we are making the most of just enjoying their presence.







On a totally different end of the spectrum, lets give you some birding information. Last Saturday it was Global Birding Day and there were various teams out in different areas of the park just concentrating on birding. From RPS we had Braston out with some of our guests and then the second team was Jason with Kanga, Chilumba and Cannan. Braston’s team got 97 different species on their morning drive and Jason’s team managed 110 species. Among the sightings, they saw crowned eagle on a nest and also some swallow tailed bee-eaters.

Global Birding Day is set up by The Cornell Lab and all of the data collected worldwide is uploaded onto their system to help with their various ornithology projects. It’s incredible the amount of information and participants. Take a look at this link to read up more about it and next year you can participate from home

Right, so on that note I think that I am going to leave you all to it and hopefully next year some of you might dust off your binoculars at home and have a look in the garden to see how many different species of birds you actually have at home – you may well be surprised. In the meantime, I hope that you all have a wonderful week with plenty of smiles and laughter and don’t forget to look after one another.



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