It’s Monday and a treat for all the senses at Kuthengo

I do hope that you are all fabulously well and have had another smashing weekend and are ready and raring for the week ahead. Here in Zambia well winter has arrived and whilst most guests are enjoying the pleasant temperatures the rest of us are wrapped up as if we were entering the arctic – we really are rather pathetic! Anyways it’s not about any of that today we are going to scoot over to Kuthengo and hear from Steph who is part of the marketing team and has recently been to stay there for a few days. Steph over to you:

“The holiday doesn’t start as you walk into your tent at Kuthengo. The journey in is equally as wonderful, with so much to see on the drive in through Liwonde, sneaking a peak at authentic Malawi life and then eventually reaching the banks of the impressive Shire River. The 45 minute boat transfer to camp is in its self a fantastic game viewing experience seeing crocodiles basking on the banks of the river, elephants taking a dip as well as countless species of birds however to be honest with you from my perspective it was the hippos that stole the show. They were quite literally everywhere! The sheer quantity was mind boggling, and let me tell, you they do not let you forget that they around as the gentle snorts and grunts offer a back drop to the peace and quiet of the bush. 


















































Before we knew it though we had arrived in Kuthengo and were greeted with cool flannels and iced tea whilst we were briefed about the camp and discussed our plans for the afternoon. After a delicious lunch, heavenly siesta and scrumptious high tea it was time for our game drive.
Patrick was our guide and he was accompanied by Felix, a scout from African Parks, the organization who has been managing Liwonde National Park for a few years now. They made a fantastic pair and kept us entertained with stories from the bush. After about 10 minutes, Patrick suddenly stopped the car. There was a peculiar sound coming from above, which was no doubt a bird, but which one was it? After several failed attempts at guessing what species of bird it was, Patrick took us closer to the tree, and perched on a branch were 2 glorious ground hornbills! On closer inspection, we discovered that one of the hornbills had their lunch dangling from his beak and seemed to have no intention of sharing it with his partner, who looked on rather enviously!



















After we had had our fill of gawking at the hornbills we decided to move on and less than 20 metres away, we came across another pair of birds perched on a tree, this time it was 2 adult fish eagles who were not as obliging as the hornbills had been and flew away as soon as we got closer. The birding in Liwonde really is wonderful and we were spoilt with countless sightings of a variety of species including African grey parrots, a lone marabou stork and countless bee eaters and more. Liwonde really is a birders paradise.



















After a classic African sunset accompanied with a Gin and Tonic we watched as another day drew to a close and then headed back to camp having the most wonderful sighting of a porcupine on the way – a completely underrated animal they are wonderful.














The following day we decided that we would have our senses heightened and experience the bush on foot. Heading out before sunrise to treat ourselves with the magic of that early morning in the bush we were rewarded with a sighting of a herd of Hartebeest. The rest of the morning was spent exploring the tracks and signs of the bush and getting a great lesson on the small details that you miss when in game drive car. I really would recommend experiencing the bush in this way to everyone it is incredibly rewarding.





























The rest of our stay was just as rewarding with plenty to see from the small insects and spoor on the walk to the impressively enormous Baobab trees and large herds of elephants. And as if all of that was not enough when back in camp we had the wonderful pool to laze by whilst absorbing the magnificent view of the Shire River and enjoying the company of the other guests and wonderful stories around the camp fire in the evenings. Whilst leaving is never fun it is a foregone conclusion that we will be back again soon and we can’t wait.













Thanks so much Steph sounds like you had a wonderful stay.
So what else to say – well a quick little story from us here in the South Luangwa – Fred came into the office telling me about one of his sightings which quite frankly I have to share. Seeing a leopard is obviously always a highlight. Seeing a leopard making a kill even more so – well listen to this! Fred was out and about and found a leopard stalking impala. Turning off the engine they sat patiently and waited for the action to take place. A burst of energy and flurry of dust and this leopard took down a large male impala just as she had the impala by the neck and was starting to think about the meal ahead of her when a pride of 5 lions muscled in on the action. She let go of the impala and ran for it while the lions took advantage of the situation finished off the kill then proceeded to enjoy their meal. I mean wow talk about drama.




























Many more stories to come but today is not the day we will update you all with more next week. Between now and then sit tight and have a great week with plenty of smiles and laughter and don’t forget to look after each other.




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