Its Monday and we head to the Falls!

I do hope that you are all well and have had a splendid weekend. Well, news from the Luangwa Valley this week is going to be a little on the sparse side as we are heading to Livingstone. Johnathan at Stanley Safari Lodge is sharing with us what they have been up to; besides of course from sipping gin and tonics in camp and looking down onto that glorious view of the mist that rises from the Victoria Falls. So Johnathan, over to you:

“Can you believe it’s only a month to mid-winter in the Southern Hemisphere and of course mid-summer in the North, nearly half the year is gone…

Here in Livingstone, the days are shorter, and the sun has lost some of that intense heat experienced in the summer months; but the weather is beautiful with mild days, clear skies and cool evenings.

The bush is still green after late rain and the Zambezi River is still running strongly so the Falls are looking spectacular and the “smoke that thunders” is hanging high over the water. Everyone visiting the Falls for a closer look returns to camp in absolute awe of the power, noise and quantity of water that races over the edge and down into the gorge. They also come back a little on the soggy side, as this time of the year there is no point in pretending that you have a chance to stay dry; you may as well accept a drenching and enjoy the thrill of the experience.

What a great time to be visiting this area. Who would know better than our repeat guests Jonathan & Christine Cox, visiting us often from Cornwall in the UK to our other Robin Pope Safaris camps – having last been to Stanley Safari Lodge in 2004. Having just spent 10 days in the Luangwa Valley, they chose to end their trip with a relaxing stay here. Not only getting to see the Falls and experience Livingstone and all it has to offer, but also to see some of the staff that are still here from when they last visited us.

It is always so wonderful to have so many familiar faces coming through to see us as it’s like welcoming family back. We look forward to welcoming many more familiar faces and new ones throughout the course of the year.”

Johnathan thanks so much for that, its always lovely to hear from you guys and we look forward to more tales as the season progresses.

Lastly a little update… We have over the last couple of years been working with a wonderful couple, Will and Lianne Steenkamp (best known for their multiple award-winning documentary Vanishing Kings and their work for the BBC’s Planet Earth series). They have been doing our Safari Diaries as well as some of our camp videos. Having come back to the Luangwa Valley time after time, they have decided to make this their second home. During the season they can be found filming in the Nsefu Sector, not only to keep the footage coming to you all on a weekly basis, but also filming their own incredible leopard film amongst others. In between all of this, they have recently been dashing around our camps taking new footage for any of you curious to have a scenic tour of our world, or just take a trip down memory lane – here is a sneak a peek: RPS Collection.

On that note, I shall bid you a fond farewell and keep all other news from the Luangwa to myself till next Monday. Between now and then, take care, have fun and don’t forget to look after each other.





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