Its Monday and a trip to Stanley Safari Lodge

I hope that you are all splendidly well and have had a lovely weekend and those of you who are in Europe are surviving the heat! Ironically, we are in the depths of winter here, so we are doing our best to wrap up as warm as possible, especially on those early morning game drives. However, as you are all aware, I am happy to talk about the weather but really that is not what we are here for… David Rogers and his family recently spent a few days at Stanley Safari Lodge enjoying the camp and the Victoria Falls. They have been kind enough to share these wonderful photos with us as well as a few words. David over to you:

“This year in June I had the great pleasure of visiting Stanley Safari Lodge in Livingstone with my family. The lodge has a great view down towards the town and the Victoria Falls itself and has a real safari atmosphere which ties in brilliantly with the rest of the Robin Pope Safaris camps. At Robin Pope Safaris camps I always find myself among like-minded people and this was no exception. In the evening we were expertly hosted by Jonathon Aldous and his wife Sylvia and sat round the fire chatting to other guests about their safari experiences in South Luangwa
























The highlight of our stay was our visit to the Victoria Falls. No matter how many times I visit this World Heritage site it always takes my breath away. At 1708 metres wide with 108 metres in height this is the largest waterfall in the world and is hugely spectacular.





























Aside from walking along the spray drenched paths near the falls, it is also possible to walk down to the Boiling Pot and photograph up towards the falls. It’s a steep but satisfying way to enjoy the falls. Flying in a helicopter or microlight is also awesome but take note that if you want to use your own camera this is not allowed on microlight flights. I have done quite a bit of photography of the falls — in the air and on the ground — and find that it’s is in the mornings when the plume of spray and the rainbow is at its best. A top tip is to time your visit for the period around full moon and you may be able to photograph the lunar rainbow. The best time to do this is April or May when the water is high and there is also likely to be clear skies


















On this trip we took the opportunity of visiting Livingstone Island where the explorer first saw the falls. We headed off by boat to the island and were led to the very edge of the falls by a very capable set of guides. The water was flooding over the Eastern Cataract and the boys had a thrilling swimming in a pool right on the edge of the falls. We also took the boys white water rafting — it was an awesome experience for me; this is still the most exciting activity at Victoria Falls.”













Thanks David this sounds absolutely wonderful and we are so delighted that you enjoyed your stay with us. Moving North to the Luangwa Valley, it has also been rather busy with a whole host of incredible sightings, Tena Tena, Nkwali and Nsefu have all enjoyed leopard sightings from camp this week. Tena Tena however won with 2 separate sightings, the first being a big male leopard strutting his stuff up and down the riverbank opposite from camp making sure that everyone knew that it was his patch. Then as if that wasn’t good enough the guests in Room 6 heard the puku alarm calling just after dinner and looked out and saw a lovely female just in front of their room. She had obviously just finished having a drink and was walking from the waters’ edge across the beach straight towards the room! Gosh what an amazing sighting.

Anyway, enough of all of that, I should definitely get on with my day and leave you all to yours. I hope that you all have an absolutely fabulous week ahead with lots of smiles and laughter and don’t forget to look after one another.











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