Its Monday 30 December and a round up of the festivities

I do hope that you are all fabulously well, have had a wonderful Christmas and are now fully gearing up for seeing in the new year with enormous excitement and gusto. It would appear that it was a fantastic week all round with good food, plenty of smiles and laughter and not to mention some extraordinary game viewing. The question is where do we start?

In the Luangwa despite some good rain including a shower at the Christmas Eve carols sadly bringing the event to an early finish. The guests have had some incredible sightings and it would appear that the Luangwa leopards decided that this was going to be their week and they were really going to show off….. we had a family of 11 staying with us at Nkwali who over dinner on Christmas Eve decided that their Christmas day sighting needed to be a leopard.


Christmas day arrived and their morning game drive included 5 separate leopard sightings. Including one leopard looking a little bleak about things as it had successfully made a kill and was getting all ready to tuck in when 5 hyenas pitched up to the party uninvited and stole the kill. The hyenas brazenly ate it within view of the poor leopard who eventually walked away sulking. What a way to start Christmas day and then to return to camp to the bubbles flowing and the turkey plus all the trimmings ready for a full Christmas lunch, needless to say a nice long siesta was enjoyed by all.

Along with the incredible amount of leopard sightings the guests have also been spoilt with some very sleepy lions – maybe they were just doing what most of us were doing after Christmas lunch and just sleeping off a rather enormous feast!


There were also some great sightings of some sleepy wild dogs who started off by lazing around but then decided that they would have a quick stretch and go and harass the neighbours! The rest of the wildlife has also been out in force with elephants, impala, warthogs and giraffes all showing off for us in copious amounts. Almost as if they are all sending the year off in great fashion.


Over in Malawi, the camps were also fashionably festive. At Pumulani, our neighbours from the Holy Trinity Choir entranced guests and staff alike with Malawian carols on Christmas Eve. Luckily Santa also brought beautiful weather for the 25th and guests spent most the day on the beach, eating, swimming, kayaking, eating again, resting, reading and laughing.

Fortunately Dasher, Dancer & Prancer left Kuthengo Camp early on the 25th as we do not feel they would have much enjoyed the lion sightings our guests had on Christmas morning. However, in the same light, the lions I am sure would have loved chef Dickson’s Christmas lunch.

Meanwhile at Mkulumadzi, the bush turned so green after the recent rains that we could barely tell the Christmas tree from the bush beyond.

Gosh so there you have it, I do hope that everyone has had an equally wonderful Christmas and at this point all that remains is for the entire RPS team to wish you all a Happy New Year and all the very best for 2020. We will be back with more news in the new year but in the meantime wish you all the smiles, laughter and happiness that you all deserve over the festive period and as always don’t forget to look after one another!

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