It’s Monday and Luangwa Safari House is the place to be

Hello there! I hope you are splendidly well. Here in the Luangwa we are galloping through October and the heat is already rising and the river is emptying out quickly! But this is not stopping the animals. We have had some incredible sightings between Luangwa Safari House and Nkwali, so I hope that you are sitting tightly ready for the update.

If you do for some reason doubt the following information… I promise you it is all true and reconfirms the reasoning behind Robin and Jo Pope building Luangwa Safari House and their house (RoJo) on a lagoon system and not the river. Whilst there is no doubting that the river view is incredibly special, the wildlife that we have been seeing around Luangwa Safari House has been incredible. To start with, we have a herd of buffalo which has become more and more resident on the property throughout the year. Each time we have seen them there, there has always been a passing comment “guess the Nkwali Pride of lions won’t be far behind”.

This time though, we were stumped, as there were lions but not the Nkwali Pride. These seem to be a pride of new lions with 3 males and a female who we do not recognise, we first saw them about 4 weeks ago and then they disappeared but were not going to miss out on an opportunity. One of the perils of this time of the year is that the lagoon systems start to dry out and as a result the thick squelchy mud gets rather sticky. The buffalos, however, don’t necessarily take much notice and go for it.

Last Tuesday one poor buffalo got his footing wrong and got stuck. Sadly, we do not intervene with nature, so we had to leave the situation to unfold and our mystery pride swooped in on Thursday night and took advantage of the situation. Once they had had their fill, the hyenas and vultures then took over and absolutely nothing was wasted.

Whilst all of this was happening the two wild dogs that we spoke about a few weeks ago, have been back and blazed past RoJo house, killing and demolishing a small puku before anyone really knew what was happening. Then went to rest up rather full and sleepy in the shade just off the Luangwa Safari House road.

Meanwhile, the elephants were taking absolutely zero notice of all the predators and just carried on coming in their droves to the waterhole at Luangwa Safari House and were having a field day rolling in the cool muddy water then dusting off by the side. On occasion, a youngster would go a little deeper than expected and need to be nudged out by its mum or aunt, showing off the real family unity in their herds.

Then as if all of that wasn’t enough, a female leopard with cub sauntered past just checking out what was going on and giving the baboons a bit of a fright before they slunk off into the bushes.

So, how’s that for the most incredible 24hours of sightings… I have to say, writing it all down in such a short little note, I fear doesn’t really do it justice. It was the most incredible period where all the animals just seemed to decide to turn up at the same time and so I felt compelled to share it with you all.

Right, on that note, I am going to scoot off and bid you all a very fond farewell and hope that you have a fabulous week ahead with plenty of smiles and laughter and don’t forget to look after one another.

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