Its Monday and an almost perfect sundowner

Well hello there! I hope you are well and have had a lovely weekend and now sitting comfortably looking forward to the week ahead, wherever you are in the world. We have been busy here in the Luangwa recently, which is brilliant and means that I am inundated with stories to share with you.

Before I get to this week’s news, I do have to share some exciting news. Continuing with our #SafariDreaming theme, and bringing positivity, we would like to celebrate the year ahead with the launch of our 2021 Safari Dreaming Calendar. It’s 11.7 x 16.5 inches in size (easy to hang) and highlights the various delights offered by safari experiences with us across Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe. Look out for insights from some of our seasoned team members – mostly our safari guides! Order your copy for US$20. All proceeds will go towards our community and conservation initiatives within our areas of operation.
The calendar makes for great festive season gifting – see for yourself!

So, here goes with the first… from a big group that we have recently had out from Germany through Abendsonne Afrika and we have lots of stories to come from them but the first story comes from Markus Wagner who has been kind enough to share with us some wonderful images and a snippet from a particularly wonderful sundowner. So, for this week Markus over to you…

“It’s impossible to choose but this was one drive that particularly shone and stuck in my memory. I really wanted to share this afternoon game drive where we saw a large herd of elephants in the distance. Our guide Yona was explaining that they were heading towards a nearby village, because of the mangoes. They usually try to sneak in during the course of the night for their feast before heading back into the park just before sunrise. And everyone knows how silently elephants can walk, so I am sure you would agree that they can easily turn into master thieves.

Yona had a good guess as to where the elephants might cross the Luangwa river and he parked the car in what he thought was the perfect position. The position was such that the elephants would pass between us and the sunset – this is what he told us. But I was a little skeptical as there was still a large meadow between us and the elephants, and they were still very far away. There was a beaten path right in front of our car, but elephants can go anywhere.

At least the view of the sunset was very nice.

We stood there, watching the sun going down slowly and all the time the elephants were slowly coming closer. And it actually looked like it might work. The video was already finished in my mind and I congratulated myself for the perfect shot.

Sadly another car appeared nearby and people got out of their car and gave the elephants a scare which hurried the entire process up and the herd came rushing past us – it was not exactly what I was having in my mind but despite the disappointment it was still a special sighting.”

Thanks, so much Markus for sharing this wonderful sighting with us. Even if it wasn’t absolute perfection, it was still pretty impressive to see such a large herd of elephants crossing the river at sunset. I hope that they had a mango feast to remember. On other news, you may remember my mentioning the incredibly rare sighting of an Aardvark… so, for all those skeptics out there Manuela and Dirk Baldisweiler have been kind enough to share this great photo of the sighting to show you all – thank you both so very much.

On that note there is very little that can better that so I am going to bid you all a very fond farewell and hope that you have a fabulous week ahead with plenty of smiles and laughter and don’t forget to look after one another.

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