Its Monday and alone time at Luangwa Safari House

Well, hello there! I hope you are fabulously well after the weekend and ready and raring for the week ahead. Its December and we are fully into the Christmas spirit here, with decorations being dusted off and Jack’s “Elf on the Shelf” being carted around everywhere to ensure good behaviour! However, besides from all that, shall we hear from Bettina Schmidt who has been very kind to share some of her fabulous pictures with us. Ute Kamps has also shared her story of her stay with the Abendsonne Afrika group last month. So, for this week Ute and Bettina we are in your hands:

Luangwa Safari House is just too beautiful and it’s a shame not to spend more time at the house due to going out on game drives. So, one afternoon I decided to stay in instead and have the house all to myself.

After our small group had happily set off on a new adventure, I started by sitting on my balcony enjoying the view of the waterhole in front of the house. An elephant walked past, below me, totally unaware of my presence and almost close enough to touch. The elephant hesitated, should he drink water from the pool or take a refreshing mud bath straight away… The mud bath won, maybe because he enjoyed the company of 2 warthogs who were already wallowing in the mud… A wonderful spectacle! I would have loved to take part too…

I remember a song Jacob, one of the former guides from Robin Pope once taught us:

Mud, mud, glorious mud,
nothing quite like it for cooling the blood.
So follow us follow
down to the hollow
and there let us wallow
in the glorious mud.

At some point the elephant was satisfied and moved on, after having rubbed his bottom on a tree. Hmmm… I prefer the fresh water in the pool and in doing so, I disturbed some baboons who believed they were by themselves and used the space to play and quarrel. Then as if out of nowhere Edward, the good spirit of the house, was bringing me my usual “White Wine Schorle”.

Wonderfully refreshed, I settled down at the edge of the pool, let my feet dangle in the water. With a book in hand and my drink next to me I was completely relaxed. “Only” a few geese, a hamerkop, a few baboons, the warthog couple and a single puku as company. All this comes very close to my idea of a paradise.

Suddenly I heard a faint noise und I looked up… I was face to face with the next elephant, this time drinking from the pool where my feet were dangling. I could hardly believe my luck! I’ve never came so close to one of these gentle giants. Holding my breath, not to scare him and wishing I could stop the time, but this was not to be and off he strolled.

Before I dived deeper back into my book, I saw a giraffe with her baby appearing in the distance, then more and more of these beautiful animals came closer and after some time there were 17 giraffe at the waterhole. One after the other, spreading their legs (in their typical, funny way) for a short drink, while the others kept an eye out with their necks high.

Until sunset I experienced many of these unique images of beauty and peace. I felt happy and richly given. The other members of my group came back very excited about the game drive, and I could listen to their reports of great sightings without envy.”

Wow! Thanks so much to Ute and Bettina for sharing your images and experiences with us. It also leaves me with very little to say as I think they have pretty much covered all. What I can only say is I hope that you have the most fabulous week with plenty of smiles and laughter and don’t forget to look after one another.

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