Its Monday and a Luangwa Christmas Round Up

Firstly, despite the title of this week, lets start with Happy New Year! Trust it will be a great year for you. We are looking forward to it and that we may enjoy hosting international travellers, as we have had such a fab few weeks of sightings, it’s just an enormous shame not to be able to share them with more people.

Christmas saw a series of regular guests from Malawi coming with their families to celebrate with us, which was incredibly special. What better way to start things off by welcoming them to beautifully decorated safari houses and Nkwali and the teams with huge mask covered smiling faces waving them into camp. The Nkwali staff are now taking it in turns to guard the decorations at the bar because of those very cheeky baboons who can’t think of anything better to do than pull off the decorations and play with them. In fact, before they were even put up, Rob had a close shave as they had seen them in his office and had tried getting in there ahead planning!

Whilst we still wait for serious rain at Nkwali, we have had plenty of isolated storms in and around the area and so the river has started creeping up and the boats are now getting a few outings as we start to make the most of the wonderful Luangwa River. The birds dotted along the banks and the elephants peering down at you from above really adds a special touch but let’s face it, those stormy sunsets from the river are spectacular. There have also been some pretty big crocodiles spotted so all hands and feet kept safely tucked into the boat that is for sure.

Heading out on our game drives, the guides have been seeing some brilliant animals with Zebras and giraffes everywhere and heaps and heaps of elephants including the highlight of a little baby that can’t have been more than a couple of weeks old. This baby elephant was wobbling around not entirely sure about what was going on with this long nose that it had and trying to figure out just what to do with it!

The predators have been out in full force with leopards seemingly at every corner. Possibly this has something to do with the fact that they are just feasting on the baby impalas and so it’s somewhat easy pickings. The baboons are doing their best to keep a beady eye out for them and warn everyone that there is a leopard in the area, but they are so good at hiding that it took Kiki a good few circle to eventually spot the one that the baboons were shouting about.

The lions have also been out and about and were found lying on their backs with their bellies full to bursting having just finished up a meal of zebra. All 9 of them just doing the very best that they could do digest their Christmas lunch. Let us also not forget about the Wild Dogs which we have been seeing plenty of, especially a specific pack of 15 who are proving incredibly proficient with their hunting whether it be baby impala (which sadly really don’t feed the entire pack) or more recently a fully grown male puku which is quite an impressive achievement. We have also been seeing our 2 girls behind Nkwali who have hooked up with a couple of boys and they seem to be thriving which is fantastic news.

As you can see it’s been non-stop, and we look forward to having the rest of the year follow suit.

On this note, I will bid you a very fond farewell and hope that you have a wonderful start to the year, staying safe and having as much fun as possible. Please don’t stop smiling and always look after one another.

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