Its Monday and emerald season highlights

Well, hello there. I hope you are well and sitting comfortably after a lovely weekend and are ready and raring for the week ahead. Here in the Luangwa, let me tell you, the rains have now properly arrived, and we are getting some good regular storms and with that some incredibly dramatic skies. There really is something awe inspiring when you have a huge storm bearing down on you and the sky turns that incredible purple/grey colour and the sun is still shining and casting a mystical golden light in the distance. Then the rumbles start – distant at first, then wham they are right on top of you and you feel the entire house shake. The winds blow and anything that is not secured gets shifted from one place to another and then everything slightly calms down and the rain starts to pour. At home with a tin roof, the noise is deafening! The garden turns into one enormous puddle which the cat hates, but Jack absolutely adores and as soon as the rains abate, its gum boots on and out he goes. Invariably falling over and coming back inside covered head to toe in mud – but surely that’s all part and parcel of growing up in the bush.

Further to the drama of the incoming storms, all this rain has meant that the river has started galloping up and we are now fully able to enjoy floating down the river in the boat watching the world go by. Hippos launching themselves from the banks into the water creating quite the tidal wave! Puku and impala peeking over the edge at us wandering what on earth we are doing out on the water with the crocodiles. And the elephants looking even more impressive in size as they feast on the abundance of food that the bush has to offer.

The verges of the roads are lined with puddles which are a little habitat by themselves with terapins, tadpoles, frogs and even baby crocodiles; so when driving along its always important to factor this into the chosen route. Past the puddles the verges are littered with delicate flowers from wild ginger to vlei lillies. The insects are all busying around their daily lives with the dung beetles rolling their dung balls getting themselves ready to pop their eggs in there and caterpillars feasting on the fresh green leaves. Chongololos are literally everywhere in all their various sizes and colours and we must admit that we do also sometimes come across the creepy crawlies that we rather hadn’t!


The lions have been serenading us at night, but truth be told the back roads behind camp are just too soggy for us to venture out to find them; so, we have to rest assured that they are around and keeping an eye and patrolling the camp and surrounding area for us. The baboons and vervets look particularly unimpressed by the rain though, as they can be seen perching uncomfortably after each storm trying to dry off but not shaking off that rather bedraggled look.

In terms of news from the camps, well, we have some rather exciting news as we are starting this week to do some major renovations on the Luangwa River Camp main area. We will keep you posted on progress for this and hope that we get to share it with some of you very soon.

Other news, well, from my side for this week I am afraid that is all that I have to share with you. I shall bid you a very fond farewell for this week and I will be back next Monday with more tales of life in the bush. I hope you have a lovely week ahead with plenty of smiles and laughter staying safe and looking after one another.

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