Its Monday and what may be a typical day at Pumulani

Well, hello there! I trust you have had a lovely and restful weekend and now gearing up for the week ahead. Here in the Luangwa, we are enjoying incredibly high water levels in the Luangwa and some delightful sightings – ranging from stunning vegetation, diverse bird species to the bigger game. Let me not keep you from our news this week, coming from Conrad in Malawi. Conrad, over to you:

“Without the clockwork routine of 5:am wakeup calls and regular game-drives our guests are used to in the safari camps, planning a day at Pumulani can be more challenging than you would think. Hence, we often get asked “what do you suggest we do tomorrow?” A few days ago, Retha and I decided to document what we think the perfect day would be at Pumulani. With our phone cameras in hand – no filters, no photoshop – we set out and it turned out to be much easier than we had anticipated.

Lake Malawi in March must be one of Africa’s most beautiful sights. The combination of lush green on land and everchanging arrangements of blue on the lake, the white clouds that turn into grey thunderstorms within minutes before transforming into orange and red sunsets conjures up hashtag favorites like #idyllic, #picturesque and #mesmerizing.

Without any further lyrical waxing about landscapes, here are the results:

Sleep with the curtains open and let the Lake wake you up in the morning. No alarms or wakeup calls apply. Enjoy a slow cup of coffee on the verandah, watching the world go by – fishermen and fish eagles alike are already out and about and provide great entertainment as they reveal the tricks of their trade.

Next, a hearty breakfast in the restaurant – a different angle on the same amazing view. Leave your watch in the room – the waiters will let you know when lunch is ready (which is the only reason you need to know what time it is).

In between breakfast and lunch, spend time on the beach. If you are feeling adventurous, Precious is standing by to help you get a kayak in water, give a helping hand on the stand-up-paddle boards, or take you out to the best snorkeling spots on the Lake. If you’re feeling lazy, read a book, plunge into the pool, or just stare out over the lake.

If the weather plays along, lunch is normally served down on the beach under the giant fig trees. Order a cold beer from Light or Mirriam; and as they bring your fresh Kampango and salad, ask them about the fish, the salad and where it all comes from.

A nap after lunch is always a good idea. The hikes deeper into Lake Malawi National Park are stunning, especially at this time of year, so why not take a quick dip in the infinity pool before setting off on a hike with Black to explore the rocky outcrops and amazing views. Make sure you are back at the lodge in time for the sunset.

A long bath after a tough day awaits. A drink around the campfire and a candle-lit dinner is the perfect way to end off your day.”

On that rather relaxing note, I will leave you to get back to your world now. I must say though, Conrad has me contemplating going across to Lake Malawi and Pumulani soon…

Enjoy the rest of your week with plenty of smile and laughter and don’t forget to look after each other!

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