Its Monday and a happy Easter with lions

Well, hello there. I hope you are well and have had a lovely Easter weekend and that the Easter bunny hopped on over with all the various chocolaty goodies possible. Here in the Luangwa, well despite the warmer climate not being particularly friendly towards chocolate, we still managed to ensure that there was plenty around. What with insanely gooey chocolate brownies, egg decorated almond cake plus a surplus of hot cross buns… Food asides, we have also been feasting our eyes on some beautiful splashes of colour in the bush as we have little red flowers, yellow ones, white ones and purple ones all bringing us that traditional spring feeling.

The wildlife has also been playing its part, and whilst we were not privy to the bouncing around of lambs, we instead had the bouncing around of lion cubs. I am not sure if anyone remembers how last year, I spoke about the Nkwali Pride of lions and having spotted a big male mating with one of the females – well we now have some cubs. We don’t have any photos, yet I am afraid, but I promise we are working hard on it and will share them with you when we do. However, Kiki was on his way into camp from the airport with his guests and right there at Daudi’s bridge, were the pride with some little bundles. Sadly, the bush is very very thick, so they easily get swallowed up by the long grass, but it was a pretty fab introduction to camp. Then a few days later the boys showed up on the side of the road and spent the night keeping us all awake and the following day sleeping it off under a lovely thick bush.

Scooting over into the park the animals have also been showing us their best side with heaps and heaps of impalas all a little distracted as the rut is just starting. Giraffes and pukus just enjoying the wide range of greenery available to them and elephants in every corner.

Kiki was out one morning and hearing a herd of elephants making quite the noise went over to investigate but was distracted by the impalas’ alarm calling so went with the latter option and there up in a tree was a huge male leopard. He was incredibly relaxed, so Kiki and the guests parked to enjoy the sighting. After quite some time the leopard had a stretch then climbed down from the tree and walked off.

The following day over in Lupunga Spur they found a pack of wild dogs and spent half an hour watching them running around after impala and also behind the wild dogs was a hyena just running around in the hopes that the dogs might do the hard work and it could reap the rewards! Sadly, the chase ended up crashing into the thickets, so the outcome was never discovered however the sighting was enough to please everyone so off they went to enjoy some of the incredible birding that this time of the year offers us.

Other than that, the river is busy emptying out and the bush was drying out until an enormous storm last night, which it must be said was greatly enjoyed by everyone. As we canter towards May we start to think about getting various roads and access points in and look forward to soon being able to get up to the Nsefu Sector to see the changes up there since the rains. Don’t worry, we will keep you posted every step of the way. However, for this week I am going to bid you all a very fond farewell and hope that you have the most wonderful week ahead with plenty of smiles and laughter and don’t forget to look after one another.

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