Its Monday and a strange weekend

Well, hello there. I hope that you are brilliantly well and have had a lovely weekend – here in the Luangwa we had a few days of rain! It slightly threw us as we were not expecting it but have thoroughly enjoyed it all the same. The skies have been crystal clear once more and the afternoons have done the classic build-up of clouds and moodiness and it’s all been rather fun. Well mostly fun, except for the fact that we have managed to finally cross the Lupande River (just) to get the road to Luangwa River Camp in. It is a banned route for a couple of days before it dries out and then it will be all system go on the rebuilding of the main area that we spoke about earlier in the year – we are excited!

Other news, before we crack on with sightings, is a huge thank you to the Ministry of Health Zambia who have rolled out a Covid vaccination programme across Zambia and we are slowly getting our staff vaccinated. So far, all the guides have had their vaccines and a good number of the junior staff have also joined the list. We are extremely excited about this as hopefully it will add some peace of mind to travellers once we start seeing some of our international guests back through our doors.

News on the gameviewing front from Kiki, who has been busy with some guests at Robin’s House who arrived ready for a relaxing weekend but were persuaded to head out for a few drives. Starting gently with the first afternoon drive on the newly put in roads behind Nkwali Camp. It sounds silly but we always get so excited putting these in as it just adds a whole new dimension and the area is teaming with plains game with heaps and heaps of giraffe, puku, impala, elephant and even a daytime sighting of a bushy tailed mongoose.

The following morning was an opportunity to stretch their legs and have a walking safari seeing zebra, waterbuck, loads of other plains game as well as managing to get close to a group of some 15 or so giraffe. Then out of the corner of his eye Kiki spotted something a little more unusual which was an African Hawk Eagle trying to hunt a guinea fowl, it didn’t quite manage but was still a wonderful sighting. After the walk they hopped back in the car to head back to camp and came across the 2 lovely dark maned lions lying flat out in the thick grass showing only a slight flick of the tail or ear to shoo off a fly. Kiki was slightly relieved as the last time he saw them they were rather nervous and even gave him a growl but this time they were the picture of relaxation. Taking the lions advise, it was time to head back to camp and do the same.

The afternoon was filled with buffalo, elephants, hippos, and crocodiles finished by a lovely gin and tonic watching the sunset over the river from the Robin’s House deck.

Other than that, well there is little else to report except that we are now looking forward to putting the roads in to get us to Tena Tena and Nsefu. We will be heading up there soon to see how everything is looking. So, for this week I shall bid you a very fond farewell and hope that you have a wonderful week wherever you are. Stay safe, have fun and don’t forget to look after one another.

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