Its Monday and some monkeying about in the Luangwa

Well, hello there! I hope you are smashingly well after a lovely relaxing weekend and are ready and raring for the week ahead. Here in the Luangwa winter has gripped us hard this year and we are all wrapped up nice and warm in the mornings. It has to be said those first couple of hours of the morning game drive certainly warrant a nice warm cup of tea and slice of cake when it’s time for the morning break.

The animals are all feeling the cold as well and most mornings you can find them following the sun around as they bask in its rays trying to warm up. In fact, just a few mornings ago we saw the lonely Nkwali eland and needed to take a second look at him, as he was so dark his fur was all puffed up that he looked like a giant puku!! The baboons sit up in the ebony trees holding their feet and just doing all that they can to warm up, but it seems that as soon as they do, they are turbo charged and just zoom around causing even more chaos than normal. The Nkwali bar is a regular source of amusement, not to mention the bridge into camp as they hang off the chain and play balancing games along it. Then the biggest challenge of all – who is going to sneak into the kitchen and manage to steal some of the chefs delicious cooking…? More than one cake or loaf of bread have disappeared of late!

It’s not just the baboons that are causing trouble around camp, up at Nsefu the lions kept everyone awake all night a couple of weeks ago chasing a hippo around camp. As if that wasn’t enough, some of them then decided to play a game of tug of war with the ropes around the rooms fortunately pulling the hook out of the wall rather than doing anything more damaging along the lines of creating a huge hole in the wall!!! Whilst we are up at Nsefu, the hide in camp is already proving to be very productive with regular visits from elephants, impala, puku and even a couple of sightings of giraffe. No predators yet but the guides did see a few leopard footprints there one morning, so we wait and see if they become comfortable enough to become regular visitors.

The wildlife out on game drives continues to be wonderful with guests witnessing a scuffle between wild dogs and a hyena. The hyena was extremely fortunate to get away and then the lions redirected their aggression towards a bush buck which they promptly killed and eaten. I mean talk about a tense sighting if ever there was one! The wild dogs on this side of the river can be seen scurrying around between the main gate area and Nkwali it is amazing the distance that they cover daily but it’s always such a joy to see them even if it is just a glimpse.

We have had plenty of elephants and buffalo around and even the lions have been showing themselves with the guests having a lovely sighting of the big males again. The lions here on the Nkwali property have however remained somewhat elusive – they have been heard plenty but just not seen despite many an effort to find them. Don’t worry, we shall not give up and shall keep on looking and keep you all posted.

For this week though, this is all that there is to report but I shall look forward to giving you more updates next Monday. Between now and then though do have a lovely week with plenty of smiles and laughter, stay safe and look after one another.

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